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Things I love about you

14th Feburuary, 2021.

I love how you ask about my day, how you're always there for me.

1. Your beautiful black eyes

2. Your bright smile

3. Your warm hugs

4. Your pure heart

5. How sure you are of me

6. The way you look at me.

7. You make me happy

8. You bring out the best in me

9. You have taught me the true meaning of love.

10. You are yourself with me

11. You never judge me

12. You're hardworking and dedicated

13. How you always manage to make time for us

14. You never let anything get between us

15. You're #1 fan and cheerleader

16. Your letters make me feel so special

17. How you teach me new stuff without getting annoyed.

18. You always try to understand me.

19. The way you treat me.

20. You're so thoughtful and I love that about ya

21. You never forget to tell me how much you love me.

22. You give the best gifts even though I am not a materialistic person.

23. How you remember every single detail about me.

24. You help me grow.

25. How you accept me for who I am and love me completely.

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