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Wrapped in melancholy

16th December, 2021.

I hug my bed all day long, nothing to look forward to. Birds don't chirp at my window anymore, the wind doesn't dance with my curtains. Time is a blur- streets are deserted.

My diary craves for ink, my lover craves for touch, and I, for peace.

Mom calls me lazy, father believes I need to be more constructive. How do I tell them there's an ocean of grief that fills my corpse and I drown in it at dusk.

"What's wrong?" my best friend asks

How do I tell her I'm oblivious to the origin of my sufferings. I do not know what causes me to wake up in the middle of the night. I do not know what makes me so sad that I am positive nothing can make a difference in my life now. I do not know what makes me conclude that not a single person recognizes me.

I do not know how do I go on with livin' like a ghost.

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