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Women safety: Violation of women rights is violation of human rights

2nd April, 2021.

The violation rates against women in the nation have only increased to a tremendous magnitude. We read awful crimes being committed against women in our homeland like it’s a standard.

The safety of women has become a core problem. Women are not safe even in broad daylight, it’s a shame. It is disastrous to watch horrible crimes committed against women.

I have mixed feelings, on one hand, I see women conquering the world while on the other, I come across reports of assaults, sexual aggression in the daily newspaper. The world is in denial of the fact that the majority of the women do not feel safe alone on the streets, at work, or even at home.

Unfortunately, it has become commonplace. Women who travel frequently have undergone

threats or felt unsafe. Whether it’s a creepy neighbor, strange Uber driver, or random men passing by.

Women have to change their ways to protect themselves but society is not performing an adequate job. Society fails to educate the public. Eve-teasing, groping, stalking, leering I can crush the soul and spirits of a woman.

Women are caged in their houses because what if she steps outside and her dress provokes a man on the street and she's raped and thrown away like a piece of garbage. Just because she's walking alone at night doesn't give you the right to treat her like she's public property. Just because she's out partying with a friend doesn't mean she's asking for it. The time, clothes, and the girl are never the factors of rape. It's only the Rapists. And after all of this, people dare to stand up say "it must be the girl's fault"

Indian women are in a constant state of vigilance, like a soldier on the border.

The change we need is not in the fashion choices, the lifestyles, or the assertive attitude of women. The change we need, or I’d rather say the required reform that is of pressing importance would be that in which the necessities of women are not undervalued but are catered.

I used to wonder why people never wanted daughters, maybe because they are dead scared that they'll bring her into this world;

they'll provide for her, grow her into a beautiful independent woman and someday some monsters will come and put a full stop to her dreams and life. Maybe that's why nobody wants a daughter these days.

I think women should be given the liberty to punish these ogres then and there. It is no longer a philosophical issue of rights but

just a simple question we need to ask the government: are our women safe and free?

Our freedom is restrained. I am inflamed by the way humans act and yet we have to walk on the streets with a candle in our hands asking for justice because this world is incapable of providing safety.

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