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Life as a doctor during the pandemic: Service, duty, and sacrifice

22nd May, 2021.

My dreams are crammed with patients' countenances, and I can hear the crying, screaming of people. Few sleeping hours and sleep deprivation are now persistent colleagues.

I remember the day I cleared my final year MBBS and was overwhelmed with happiness. I was thrilled to enter the world of Medicine, I had barely started my internship and word came that a virus has started to spread in China. To be truthful, at first, I wasn't afraid because such a surge of diseases do happen in the world and they are skillfully curbed by us doctors. Little did I know that this is going to take the whole world by storm.

Life is so unpredictable. I never thought I would spend hours and perhaps years combating against a virus. Amidst the sweat-drenched PPEs, Dry throats, patients brought by families with expectation, blaming doctors for deaths even after trying our best to save lives, and the lack of resources; all of this was quite traumatizing. 

The attacks on doctors in the ICU and the outrages I received were so heart-wrenching.  Noticing a mother, father, pleading to save their beloved ones' lives made me emotional. 

Service, Duty, and Sacrifice are all that I've ever known. To be able to save lives is one of the many reasons why I chose medicine. I hope the sleepless nights of all the doctors across the world will help us get through this deadly virus. 

The greatest gift to us is life on Earth. Let's make the most of it and help needy patients. Let's stay humble, generous, and selfless. Let's comfort each other and get through this. 

The day shall arrive when we will travel with our dearest ones to our favorite places without masks. The day our virtual world will come to an end, until then stay indoors, stay safe. 

And as Andy said,

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies!

-Dr. Ratnakar Jagdale,

Sassoon Hospital, Pune

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