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What I want from this year

7th March, 2021.

This year I want to commit to myself and put my needs before anyone else's.

This year I want to love myself more - I want to be able to stand in front of the mirror and say I truly love and admire myself. 

I want to get out of my room and feel the fresh cold breeze on my skin. I want to discover new melodies; I wish to sit on the rooftop in the twilight and play guitar.

This year I want to read a lot of books, I want to evolve as an individual, broaden my proficiency and awareness. I want to tour art galleries and old libraries.

This year I want to try different cuisines and perhaps learn to cook too. I hope to make new friends and listen to their crazy stories.

I want to smash my insecurities and invest in maturing myself. I want to pay attention to what my heart needs. This year I want to explore more and care less about everyone around me. I don't want to waste time chasing things that don't serve my life purposes.

This year I want to become the best version of myself. 

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